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Music for Games

As a successful games producer, you've already realized an important truth in our industry: who you choose to do your game audio is just as important as who you choose to do your level design, artwork, and core engine development. Hiring a composer, sound designer, or voice talent who doesn't "get" your game can significantly lower the quality of your hard work or, in the worst case, actually ruin it.

Wicked Minstrel creates music using a mix of the most venerable skills known and the most modern technology available. Our personnel include degreed musicians, sound engineers, and voice talent with long years of experience in various styles of music and character voicing. We'll provide you with finished music, sound effects, or character voices, recorded in our modern, fully-equipped studio, or in yours.

Some companies will charge you the price of a small yacht for services like these.  We have a few nice surprises for you: