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Music for Film

Demanding production requirements. Strict deadlines. Top quality. A production budget that's less than you'd like. That's what you've got to deal with to create your vision. How will you manage? As a shrewd film producer, you've already taken the first step: you've stopped by our web site.

Wicked Minstrel provides film music, sound effects, and voice-over talent for ADR and voice-off narration with the rigourous standards you've come to expect, at modest prices.

Wicked Minstrel creates music using a mix of the most venerable skills known and the most modern technology available. Our personnel include degreed musicians, sound engineers, and voice talent with long years of experience in various styles of music and voice-over. And we can work with you in our modern, fully-equipped studio, or in yours.

Some companies will charge you the price of a small yacht for services like these. We have a surprise for you: when you work with Wicked Minstrel, you can be sure you've got the best possible price for the work — and that's guaranteed. You'll also know in advance exactly how much you'll be paying, because we provide you with a clear “all-in” price for the work right from the beginning — an absolute must if you don't want your budget concerns to end up driving you crazy.